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February 21, 2020 - In response to the latest development of the spread of the novel coronavirus, Hongkong Post announced today the arrangements on postal services from February 24 to March 1.

The volume of inbound mail has sustained at a high level since early February. Hongkong Post has all along been prioritizing the handling of Speedpost items containing surgical masks and will have delivered approximately 50,000 such items by this week. It is estimated that we would have delivered more than 120,000 such items since after the Lunar Year until this weekend. Hongkong Post has entirely resumed mail delivery service (including Speepost) from Monday through Saturday since mid last week to cater for the public needs. Hongkong Post will continue to uphold the principle of according top priority for the delivery of surgical masks, committing ourselves to keep our delivery service in order. We aim to take our full strength to have all inbound items of surgical masks delivered to the hands of the public within the following week. We will also continue with the practice of calling recipients prior to delivery to ascertain their choice for door delivery or collection from post office.

All post offices will continue to open from 11am to 3pm from Monday to Friday and 9:30am to 1pm on Saturday, during which all forms of counter services will be available (mobile post office services will be suspended). Mail collection from posting boxes will be maintained on alternate days.

As the opening hours of post offices have been shortened, members of the public requiring counter services may expect a longer waiting time. Meanwhile, services for inbound and outbound mail may be subject to delays due to the reduction in the flight frequencies of airlines. Members of the public are advised to visit the Hongkong Post website
(www.hongkongpost.hk/tc/about_us/whats_new/service_delay_suspension/index.html) for the latest updates. Hongkong Post will review the arrangements on postal services from time to time and make necessary adjustments taking into account the mail volume.

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