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New enhancements for HKSAR passport collection


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October 29, 2020 - The Immigration Department (ImmD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced today the implementation of two new enhanced measures which aim at enabling the collection of an HKSAR passport (passport) from October 30 onwards.

Passport Collection Kiosks

At present, applicants may collect their passports at the service counters of Immigration Headquarters in Wan Chai and the six Immigration Branch Offices. To further enhance the service standard, the ImmD will introduce Passport Collection Kiosks by phases from October 30 onwards. In addition to the existing collection means, eligible applicants may, upon application, choose to collect their passports at Passport Collection Kiosks which are installed in the first phase at Immigration Headquarters and West Kowloon Office in a self-service manner.

An ImmD spokesperson said, “Appointment is not required for collecting the passport at the self-serviced kiosk and the procedure is simple, convenient and quick. If an applicant chooses to collect his/her passport at the Passport Collection Kiosk, he/she is advised to provide a mobile phone number subscribed with Short Message Service (SMS) as the collection arrangement will be sent by SMS notification prior to the collection period. Upon collection of the passport, applicants are only required to verify their identities by their Hong Kong permanent identity cards and fingerprints. If the applicant holds an electronic passport of the previous generation or an Electronic Document of Identity for Visa Purposes, he/she should insert it into the kiosk for cancellation according to the instructions. After cancellation, the previous travel document will be returned and the new passport will be issued to the applicant.”

For details regarding the Passport Collection Kiosk and cancellation of travel documents, please scan the attached QR code (at Annex I) to access the ImmD official YouTube channel.

Launch of new measures for passport collection

Currently, Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents residing overseas have to submit their applications via the Chinese Diplomatic and Consular Missions in order to collect their passports at the respective Chinese Diplomatic and Consular Missions. For overseas applications submitted directly to the ImmD by post, through the Internet or the ImmD mobile application, applicants are required to collect the passports in person at immigration offices in Hong Kong. 

To provide greater flexibility to applicants, the ImmD will introduce a new measure on collection of passports overseas. Under the new measure, local or overseas applicants who submit applications directly to the ImmD by whichever means (including in person, by post, drop-in, through the Internet, ImmD mobile application or Travel Document Submission Kiosk), may choose to collect their passports at the Chinese Diplomatic and Consular Missions. The normal processing time is five working days after receiving all necessary documents (excluding the time required for despatch of the passport; for applications submitted by post, an extra two to three working days may be required).

Applicants are encouraged to submit passport applications through the ImmD mobile application for a more flexible and convenient process of passport application and collection. Applicants may scan the QR code (at Annex II) to download the ImmD mobile application and select “Application for HKSAR Passport”.

Details of passport application matters can be found on the website www.gov.hk/passport or by calling the ImmD enquiry hotline at +852-2824-6111.

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