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Government launches one-stop information portal on COVID-19 vaccines


January 29, 2021 - The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government today launched the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme website [www.covidvaccine.gov.hk], which provides official and up-to-date information about COVID-19 vaccines on a one-stop basis. When the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is formally launched, the website will also provide detailed information on the Programme and be linked to the online booking system where people can reserve their vaccination slot at a chosen location.

A Government spokesman said, “Early inoculation with safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines by members of the public is a very important measure in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and is crucial to the resumption of a more normal way of life and economic activities in Hong Kong. Vaccination not only protects people who get vaccinated but also others around them. It would also help relieve the burden on the healthcare system.”

Through text, infographics and multimedia content, the designated website gives accurate and first-hand information about the COVID-19 vaccines procured by the Government and the vaccination program, as well as clarifies false information. This would help enable the public to have a correct understanding of issues relating to vaccination. Currently, the major contents of the website include:

- What’s New: Includes information such as vaccines which have gone through the stringent scrutiny process and have been authorized for emergency use in Hong Kong in accordance with the Prevention and Control of Disease (Use of Vaccines) Regulation (Cap. 599K), as well as the professional recommendations and opinions of the independent advisory panel;

- FAQs: Lists out questions and answers on the benefits of receiving COVID-19 vaccination, the COVID-19 vaccines which are available for vaccination, recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines and their suitability for different groups or circumstances, and more. The section also gives correct explanations to dispel people's misunderstandings on vaccines;

- Education & Media Resources: Comprises a series of short video clips, animations and infographics on issues such as the safety, efficacy and ingredients of vaccines;

- eHealth & Check Vaccination Record: Introduces the eHealth program and how people can check their vaccination records through the “iAM Smart” app in future; and

- Healthcare Professional Corner: Displays reference materials and guidelines for healthcare professionals.    

The spokesman said the website would provide more detailed information on the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and link to the online booking system after the formal launch of the program. Short video clips will be produced to explain the booking procedures and the process in receiving vaccination at Community Vaccination Centres.

“COVID-19 vaccines are new. We believe that, through better understanding of the matter, members of the public will appreciate more the benefits and importance of receiving vaccination and have their worries allayed,” the spokesman added.

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