Hong Kong Cinema - A Virtual Photo Exhibition

The virtual photo exhibition “Making Waves - Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema” was accessible from July 8 to August 14 in the US. The exhibition presented a unique opportunity for our American friends to view exceptional still images from nearly 200 Hong Kong films from over the last 25 years, each telling a unique story of Hong Kong cinema in a new artistic dimension. This exhibition comprised four sections: “Images Reimagined”, “Behind-the-Scenes”, “Enchanting Stars”, and “Unsung Heroes”, built around the work of four unit photographers: Jupiter Wong, Wong Wai-lun, Quist Tsang, and Sharon Salad. Through their distinctive perspectives and aesthetics, we saw remarkable images of actors on and off-screen, the intriguing filming process, the unique city landscape, and the creative paths that local filmmakers have forged.

The virtual exhibition was presented by Create Hong Kong and managed by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society.